What I Found on the Internet – February Findings

What I Found on the Internet - February Findings

1. These free e-books for learning Korean – particularly this visual one

2. Chinese vloggers showing you what rural life in China is like via YouTube – 李子柒, 农村阿凯, Zhang Dayong, 南方小蓉

3. This Instagram dog who’s a better influencer than anyone

4. Lidl’s new yoga line including a yoga mat 😍

5. This guy who paints one different abstract painting each day… with tutorials

6. These raw bars 😋

7. This website for finding yoga retreats all around the world

8. A Korean yoga instructor – for total beginners

9. The story of transforming a home no one wanted into your dream place

10. This tool that teaches you UX design – in a fun, gamified way

11. This perfect website for finding the right social media image sizes – with downloadable templates

12. Into typewriting?

13. Images from New York in 1966-1967

14. This wind map – weather map showing you the current status of wind, lightning, thunder, and more

15. How a Japanese moving company works

16. These weekly design digest posts

17. Just this Instagram account with perfect birds – I present to you the prettiest birds on IG

🐦 I’ll just leave these here for all you color lovers:

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#annashummingbird By @lydebug

A post shared by Featuring Standout Bird Pics (@birdfreaks) on

🎶 This month’s song:



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